“Green business does not just happen. It requires effort, attention, planning and a lot of patience. Going green has been an initiative I take pride in, and demonstrates our organization’s commitment to sustainability. I have no doubt our employees, investors and partners will appreciate the changes that we are making.”

– Navin Kumar, Managing Director

“Waste is a man-made concept.  In nature, there is no waste: every time waste is generated, an organism evolves to utilize that piece of waste as a feedstock.”

The idea of green chemistry relates to a product’s entire life cycle, which includes everything from its design, raw material usage, production to utilization all the way to disposal. At Ova Chem, we are focused on developing high-performance sustainable, environmentally-friendly chemicals from plant and organic waste materials.

Tomorrow’s Chemistry Today – a tagline we adopted to meet the interests of consumers as well as the need for a sustainable future.

With a state-of-the-art Research & Development center based in Kuala Lumpur enhanced by a group of ambitious chemists, we pride ourselves in providing true technical expertise in ‘Green’ chemical solutions.

Our lean manufacturing plant is capable in manufacturing up to 12,000 MT reacted products a year, with plans for multiple boutique manufacturing plants upcoming within the South East Asia (SEA) region. We believe in localizing and decentralizing manufacturing facilities for greater eco-system sustainability.


Meet Our Team

Navin Kumar

Managing Director

Navin brings twenty years of experience from an operations background specializing in Quality Management Systems and Cost Savings initiatives.

Siti Nur Izati

QAQC Chemist

Responsible to ensure that all the measurements conducted for materials and products are in line with industry-specific standard procedures.

Mazida Maarof

Supply Chain Coordinator

Mazida expertise in the Supply Chain division focusing on procurement and cost savings initiatives.

Zatil Afifah

R&D Chemist

Zatil Afifah’s forte is in drilling fluid additives such as lost circulation materials, shale inhibitors, and surfactants.

Alyaa Dhabitah

Operations Coordinator

Alyaa Dhabitah is an Operations Coordinator that ensures Ova Chem will not only deliver products, but also a smooth experience for the end-users.

Hemesh Nanda

Material Engineer

Hemesh’s combined interest in renewable energy and the oilfield industry has sparked his research and development of green solutions.