As part of our commitment in managing the business both ethically and responsibly,
OVA CHEM has been certified, and is in full compliance of ISO 45001, ISO 9001 & ISO 17025.
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ISO-45001 new
Valuing and Empowering Our People

Our People are Our Greatest Assets. We don’t just say it but we really do mean it! Our employee growth program, rewards program and the royalty program are testament to that motto. At OVA CHEM, we ensure that our employees achieve growths in their career through various training and development programs. Our employees are also appreciated for their hard work and creativity through our Rewards Program. In line with our spirit of sharing, we have a Royalty Program, where profits from new innovations are shared with our employees who were key in the new innovation and its commercialisation.

Ensuring Compliance

No Compromise on Compliance. That is all there is to it. Simply no compromise on compliance, be it new supplier qualification, new business acquisition or sales, we stay true to this motto.

Engaging with the Community

At OVA CHEM, we believe that we can be instrumental in shaping the society that we are a part of. Our community engagement programs are our way of not only giving back to the community, but also to help in moulding the future society.

Preserving the Environment

This planet is the only place that we can call home. The sustainability of any business is not only dependant on profitability but also on our dependence on a clean environment for our future generation. Driven by this thought, we strive to go the extra mile in creating environmentally friendly products that will help sustain and protect our home called earth.